A Year with You

When I saw you, in September, you were the sweetest girl
When I saw you, I said to myself, you were the guy I was waiting for
But now I
See you with some boy and I know that I’ll never hold your hand
But baby, I’d never promised, I’d be the man who’d take you to the church someday

I smiled at you, in December, hoping that you would change
I smiled at you, and I held your hand, but not the way you wanted me to care
You have to
Know that I’d give anything I have to feel the same way you do
But baby, I realize you can’t ever change what your soul has decided for you

I know that I have found in you the one who can understand my pain
I know that I have found in you the smile who can help me through the rain
Together we need to build a shelter and keep us from the cold
You and I we’ll find, through all the seasons, a place to never feel alone

June is here now, and I’m near you, I’m still sharing your life
Nothing can ever tear us apart, I will always stay by your side